Our Trajectory

We started operating in 2012, reselling the products of well-known brands on Amazon. A few months later, we delved into manufacturing and marketing, and launched our first private label in the pet accessories market. That was when we realized just how difficult it is to sell, understand the platform, and determine everything you need to build a sound network and achieve substantial sales figures.

Around this time, we discovered that the ecommerce world offers a wealth of opportunity. We came to understand that sales are always personal, and that people have different tastes and preferences. Our experience taught us what every businessperson needs to know in order to sell in the world’s greatest shopping mall: the Amazon Marketplace.
Fast-forward five years, and Dalsam Corporation has successfully launched five of our own brands in different categories, with more than 400 products on Amazon.



We offer full consultancy services for individuals and companies with the following objectives:


Manufacturers who want to sell their products on Amazon, or delve into ecommerce for the first time
Companies, distributors, or retailers who sell products in brick-and-mortar stores, and would like to start selling on Amazon

Companies or individuals who are simply looking to outsource their sales operations to a third party
Companies or individuals who are launching an innovative product, and would like to use Amazon as a launching platform

David Lustgarten



Founder and CEO


David Lustgarten is a seasoned entrepreneur, and has overseen the launch of several successful companies over two decades. In 2012, he moved to Miami, Florida from South America.

With an MBA specialization in Marketing and Business Development from Venezuela’s Universidad Metropolitana, Lustgarden began his career as an associate for the Andean Region at Andersen Consulting.
When he finished his studies in 1997, David launched one of the first Venezuelan web design and development companies. Then, in 2000, he and his partner, Salomon Melamed, started a computer parts distribution company that soon became one of the top 10 computer wholesalers, with over $30 million in sales per year. Well-known brands such as HP, Dell, Sandisk, Belkin, and others selected their company to distribute their products in South America.

David’s background, however, goes beyond his successful business ventures. He has extensive consulting, distribution, logistics, and business development experience. What’s more, David boasts a thorough understanding of the ecommerce industry, and grew a business from zero to more than $1 million in the Amazon Marketplace within a year.